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paula carrier

Paula Carrier

Paula Carrier has been involved in the food industry for several years. She began her career as a chef in various food pubs in England (where the best British cuisine is often found). She has catered for small and large events, such as weddings and holiday catering. Her last business in the UK before she moved to Italy was running her own successful food shop selling high quality local naturally-reared and organic food and her own homemade products such as ready meals, pates, preserves and sauces. She also was involved in the UK Slow-food movement.

Cooking has always been a passion of hers. She learned her basic skills from her mother when she was a child and continued to develop her knowledge and love of cooking throughout her years at university and young adulthood. She was always keen to learn new techniques and styles of cooking. She loved all the different styles of cuisine available in Britain. Having attended university in a particularly multi-cultural area, she endeavoured to learn how to cook Indian, Thai and Chinese food, so that she could reproduce those fantastic flavours at home.

Paula moved to Florence in 2004 after working under the supervision of several top English chefs. Here she decided to use her international culinary background to create her own structure as a culinary consultant and has since offered her expertise to several top Florentine caterers while developing her own unique niche with Odyssey - a small and selective project, but with infinite possibilities.

In her spare time, Paula works on her secret mission: to convince Italians that British cuisine is actually good and that Brits do know how to cook! Not a believer? Take the "Paula challange" - tasting is believing!

  paula carrier


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